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Clube Escolhas

Sport as a social and public interest good is based on the purposes of the Escolhas Program (PE) in the areas of Education, Training and Community Dynamics.

In this context, we intend to promote an initiative, nationwide, where victory will be celebrated in friendship: Clube Escolhas.

Challenges Edition

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Facing the current exceptional times and while all of us face new challenges, Clube Escolhas had to reinvent itself, taking advantage of this energy and transporting it to the field and to the ball!


This Clube Escolhas' Edition Challenge rises from the desire not to be stuck, to be creative and show that it is possible to continue doing what we like the most, while always following all health guidelines.


The tournament will be played by local clubs created by young people from the communities where Programa Escolhas intervenes. These young people will be able to complete 21 challenges (individual or in pairs) with a ball and a set of missions in a total party!



Guiding Principles

  • Promoting social inclusion.

  • Foment good health habits and healthier lifestyles.

  • Develop personal competencies that will be decisive in the academic and professional path of beneficiaries, at the levels of responsibility, determination, cooperation, focus and self-confidence.


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