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PROBLEM | Diversity of problems related to absenteeism and scholar success, lack of adequation of the responses to the necessities of youngsters, risky behaviors and lack of family support. These problems inhibit the social development of kids, limiting their chances of success.

SOLUTION | Preventing and mitigating the frequency of risky environments, as well as facilitating the civic empowerment and social participation dynamics, through the involvement of the beneficiaries (as well as their families, and the community as a whole) in occupational, innovative and healthy activities, like kickboxing and muay thai practices.

PARTNERS AND INVESTORS | Network of partners that supports the activities through volunteering, logistic support, accompaniment, transportation, providing facilities, raising awareness, providing material. Escola LifeCombat, Câmara Municipal da Trofa, SS Eurico Ferreira, JPC Contabilidade, Resinorte, Formefeitos, Emperil, among others.

INNOVATION FACTORS | Using sports, in coordination with the athletes’ families, as a way to develop their social skills and motivating them for the academic path.

IMPACT | Improvement in the academic performance of the participants. Sportive success of the beneficiaries, with multiple national championships won, and a Bronze medal in Kickboxing World Cup.

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Trofa, Porto

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