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My Tribe is a project created under the Lisbon 2020 Regional Operational Program, the Portugal 2020 Program and co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund, which aims to promote the (re)integration of vulnerable people in their local communities , developing physical and intellectual abilities that enhance their academic/professional path and their inclusion in all aspects of community life, based on a life project focused on their interests.




Develop sports and artistic experimentation activities to introduce beneficiaries to numerous sports and cultural activities, putting them in contact with local clubs and associations. It is intended to discover areas of interest that can help to strengthen the life project of each of the beneficiaries of the target audience.

Provide training to young people and adults in precarious situations, contributing to their professional integration in decent conditions, both in the context of subordinate work and in fostering entrepreneurial skills.

Putting beneficiaries in contact with local communities, promoting active citizenship, making them and the respective communities aware of social problems existing at the local level.


  • Development of sporting and cultural activities


  • Development of workshops and social and/or professional training and training actions


  • Establishment of contact between beneficiaries and local companies and/or organizations


  • Integration of digital tools as a community connecting link


  • Mapping of the local sporting and cultural offer

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