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Good Practices

Padre Amadeu Pinto Association, SJ

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PROBLEM | Children from poor neighborhoods in Pragal and Monte da Caparica, are exposed to the dangers of criminality and risky behaviors, especially during the time in which they are not in school.

SOLUTION | Keep up with the academic, human and sportive path of children in vulnerable situations, and in a less favorable socio-economic context.

PARTNERS AND INVESTORS | A network of commercial and institutional partners.

INNOVATION FACTORS | Trying to feel-in the gaps in kids school schedule, and planning after-school sports activities, promoting studying and sports (surf, gymnastics, football and rugby) activities.

IMPACT | 93% school success rate among the involved kids. More than 240 hours of sports activities throughout the year, comprising 10 different sports.

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Almada, Setúbal

To learn more, please visit the website of this project:

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